Peter Warren Shout Out!!

I’m Famous 😆

Two more videos just uploaded by ofbonsai Magazine. These two have Peter Warren doing the initial styling  on a big Spruce at a demo in Chicago.

I will say that Peter’s demo’s are certainly all about being a teaching experience. Most would struggle to fill 2hours 30 minutes talking and styling at the same time.

However, at one point he did stray from the tree to give my good self a mention. Rather embarrassing really but at least I have it on tape that someone actually likes me !! If you don’t want to listen to all his pearls of wisdom you can skip straight to this best bit at 45 minutes into Part 2. 🙂



Not quite posted within minutes Peter but not too shabby either 😆  Wish I could have been there too…

Me stop posting…. NEVER!!

7 comments on “Peter Warren Shout Out!!

  1. it shows that you have nothing better to do than sit in front of your computer watching bonsai [ and probably other ] videos all day !!! 🙂


  2. shhhhhh ! thats spose to be my guilty secrect ! anyway, he is not the only Peter that likes you ! Peter Rabbit said…………………. of course I think that you are a ……….


  3. Can I claim fame-by-association? I was sitting right next to Paul Stokes as he filmed the demo; I’m the one whose laugh is heard after Peter greets you. I didn’t realize how well Paul’s mic would pick up my voice!

    And yes, Peter did a great job. 🙂


    • 211 now I believe. I plan to make it back to the US again and look forward to meeting up with bonsai again. I don’t think I’ll make it to all 211 !! Countries like DJIBOUTI might have to wait a while!! 🙂


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