Through The Keyhole

I thought I would show you part of my body that I normally keep under wraps 🙂

Don’t get too excited. I was with my surgeon yesterday for my first check up since the op and he handed me photos taken by the camera during the keyhole surgery.

He said that red isn’t good, here’s my first two pics!


After removing the inflamed tissue he put this bad boy to work removing some bone. 80,000 rpm. My first thought was, would it work in the makita?!

This is the final one showing a nice gap for my tendon to move around in without any more aggravation.

Kurume Azalea Festival

Nekotoban was kind enough to share these photos with me in a recent email and I thought I would share them with you lot as well. Photos taken at the Kurume Azalea Festival back in April. What I’d give to go and see this for myself!