Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

When I attended the BSA Show back in March I was very impressed by some of the accent planting. My favourite ones included a bronze animal element. This first one was my pick of them, two fighting hares in the long grass, displayed by Ian Warhurst.

This one was also excellent, a kingfisher in the reeds displayed by Bob Baillie.

and this one showing a frog hiding in the undergrowth, I think this one was Simon Haddon’s but I may be wrong. Can anyone confirm?

Having seen these I grabbed bought a few animals from one of the Show Traders with a view to doing something similar.

Today I was bored, this broken wing is cramping my style. We have a show coming up in September and it would be nice to include my two animals among the accents, this is what I’ve come up with.

First up is my rabbit in the long grass.

I love this one. About 20 years ago I’d have had the shotgun out for this fella but I’ve mellowed 🙂

Next was a crane, or I think it’s a crane! I wanted to do a riverside accent similar to Bob’s Kingfisher. Not as convincing as his but I think the blue pot adds the impression of water.

A Few More Accents