Who Has the Time…

to watch an hour and a half  long youtube video of a bonsai demo?

Me apparently 🙂 I can currently do precious little else!!

Most demo videos are full of bits you want to fast forward.  I have tried to edit a few in my time to make them more watchable. This one however, showing Ryan Neil styling a Pinyon Pine, was well worth the time spent in watching. I am so looking forward to watching Ryan live at Willowbog in January. He passes on a stunning amount of relevant information during a session. Some great points made in this video about raffia, guy wires and dynamic design. Toss in some Kimura tales, and you have 84 minutes well spent. [ well about 70 in reality :-)]

Japanese Black Pine

This is the latest addition to my collection. A shohin Japanese Black Pine with a built in Accent 🙂