Irish Bonsai Club – Interested?

Back in November I asked, Does anyone Irish still do Bonsai?

Well, things have moved on and I’m doing my bit to assist with the start up of a Bonsai Club/Study Groups in Ireland.

Adam, from Cork, is determined to get the ball rolling and I’ve offered my personal support and also that of our club The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society.

Adam is currently gathering names and email addresses to assess where the majority of those interested live. The club will then be tailored to fit the make-up of the group. I can see study groups starting in Cork, Dublin and Galway or, at the very least, getting people in contact with each other in these areas. These groups will all be part of the one club organising events,  trips workshops etc.

There’s no name yet, there’s no website yet but this will come soon. The question is:

Are You Interested?

If the answer is yes, drop an email to Adam at to register your interest.

This is it folks, now is your chance. It takes someone to step up and you have waited for many years for this to happen. Step up now and get this going. If it doesn’t happen now, how much longer will you have to wait??!!

Proof of Life #2

This one is for Geraldine and in a way Mr Snart as well. I have been looking after these two trees since the last Willowbog Bonsai workshop. I just want to update Geraldine on the progress.

First is her Itogawa Juniper. It had been slow to respond after the work done last Autumn and Peter suggested that we repot into a larger pot with a greater surface area to push it on. The old mix was compacted and the pot was restrictive. This seems to have done the trick.

Next up is her Shohin Trident Maple root over rock. It was defoliated and repotted to deal with similar problems to the Juniper. I have already had to shorten extension growth twice since then.