Blog Post of the Day

Most days I flick through all the new posts from the blogs I follow on google reader. There is usually something of note there worth reading or at the very least, contains some great photographs.

I have decided that sharing my favourite posts here would be a great way of introducing others to new blogs.

So, starting today, whenever I get a chance, I’ll add a link here directing you to my favourite blog post of the day.

First up is a post about air layering. I’ve been looking at this in some detail over the last year or so and found this one interesting. Not least because the photos are mine 😉  I should mention it’s in Dutch, but as I use google Chrome with Google Translate on auto, it always appears in English for me. Why limit your blogging to English Blogs!!  Here’s the link…

Air Layering a Hawthorn

4 comments on “Blog Post of the Day

  1. Interesting you should post this in light of the discussion we’re having on WT regarding air layering Hawthorn. Hope I have such good luck with mine. Thanks and keep the posts coming. Love them!


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