First Walk of the New Year

Sunday just happened to fall on New Years Day this year and, never to be deterred,  we had our usual walk. About 9 miles along the coast from Holywood to Bangor, I must admit I could feel the holiday excess eating taking a toll!

As usual here are a few snaps taken along the way.

Some of my usual attempts to capture birds in flight or otherwise.

A goose

A hooded Crow

A normal black crow picking through the rock pools for sea snails .

and most unusual, these two different types of crow were together. First I’ve ever seen this.

Perfect wind for  little sailing on the lough.

Hawthorn still carrying it’s harvest.

A nice mixture of moss, grass, heather, sedum etc growing in among the rocks. Natures kusamono .

Most important on a good walk is good company. My two brothers..

My mate Stephen, out with his new camera. Watch this space for his new bonsai blog coming very soon 🙂

and lets not forget my two best mates, Smudge and maggie 🙂

5 comments on “First Walk of the New Year

  1. Nice Pics and I’m looking forward to Stephen’s blog. I know he has some nice trees and it will be a pleasure to look at them on the blog and follow his work on them. Keep it all coming. Thanks again


  2. not that clear but looks very like a Brent goose ? interesting what you say about the crows as the hoodie is only a sub species which means that they do inter breed with ordinary Carrion crows ,
    nice photos , you had a nicer day than we did weather wise


    • We have 35,000 Brent in County Down every year. A bit crap, I only got one 🙂

      Didn’t know that crows mixed it up lol

      I took these on Sunday when it was a lot nicer! The wind here last night was pretty bad but thankfully, no damage other than the contents of my bin being spread over my back garden, and the contents of my neighbours bin covering my front garden!!


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