Sunday Soaking

After some last minute discussion Stephen and I decided to go ahead and have our Sunday walk today. Probably a wrong decision as it rained solid the whole time. I had decided to try and keep the camera in the bag out of the rain but as usual I saw a few things that made it worth lifting out.

This was the view over Belfast Lough, drizzle and misty at the same time.

I spotted this little coastal Cottage that looked like a throw back to years gone by. How it’s managed to survive tucked in between some mega mansions, I don’t know!

I then spotted a Grey Heron in the water along the coast. Normally a shy bird, this one seemed content to stand and watch us.

I sneaked a little closer and changed to a zoom lens and grabbed a few quick shots.

Stephen then let my dogs go and Smudge did a sterling job of chasing it off to a distant perch.

Some lovely coastal Wild Flowers in the rain. Sea Thrift is a favourite of mine for walks and as a accent plant.

Bluebells are out

Part of the World War 2 Defenses for German Bombers targeting Belfast docks. This gun commanded a great position from Grey’s Point overlooking Belfast Lough.

Maybe it was worth a walk in the rain anyway 🙂




Sunday Signs!

On my usual Sunday walk I couldn’t help but notice just how often we came across signs telling us what not to do. I’m aware signs are helpful but I am getting a little tired of being ‘SHOUTED AT’ in capitals everywhere we go. For example….

and this one was kinda hard to miss!!

This was the only one I liked for obvious reasons 🙂

OK rant over, here are some more calming photos taken on the walk.

Wild primrose

Would love to know what this is..

A close up of the flowers

and now for the wildlife, Spotted this Pheasant in a recently planted field.

A Buzzard circling overhead.


Mallard Ducks in flight

Hooded Crows

Evil looking crow 🙂

Pied Wagtail

Wood Pigeon

The hardest one of all was trying to capture a photo of a House Martin in flight. These are the only two that look even half right.

and this big fella to finish. He was keeping a close eye on my dogs.

First Walk of the New Year

Sunday just happened to fall on New Years Day this year and, never to be deterred,  we had our usual walk. About 9 miles along the coast from Holywood to Bangor, I must admit I could feel the holiday excess eating taking a toll!

As usual here are a few snaps taken along the way.

Some of my usual attempts to capture birds in flight or otherwise.

A goose

A hooded Crow

A normal black crow picking through the rock pools for sea snails .

and most unusual, these two different types of crow were together. First I’ve ever seen this.

Perfect wind for  little sailing on the lough.

Hawthorn still carrying it’s harvest.

A nice mixture of moss, grass, heather, sedum etc growing in among the rocks. Natures kusamono .

Most important on a good walk is good company. My two brothers..

My mate Stephen, out with his new camera. Watch this space for his new bonsai blog coming very soon 🙂

and lets not forget my two best mates, Smudge and maggie 🙂