All Set

Spent a few hours with Stephen yesterday sorting out my garage to get ready for the Willowbog Bonsai School that’s being held this weekend. I wish I could have a garage full of crap like everybody else instead of this constant clearing out cycle. Had a laugh with Stephen as I kept throwing stuff up into the rafters and hiding crap under cloth covered tables. I love it really.

You can just see the wheels of the lawnmower under the cloth 😀 It’s sitting beside the kitchen sink!!

2 comments on “All Set

  1. that all looks very smart ! wind seems to have died down , forecast for the weekend better than it was a day or two ago , see you later today , I guess to complete your day you need home wins in Belfast and Montenegro 🙂


    • Yes both home wins would suit me 🙂 Unlikely, but would suit. While you are having a nice meal in great company, I’ll be freezing my nads off in Windsor Park! Pity I couldn’t get you that ticket lol.


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