My Sunday walk took me up Cavehill in Belfast. It’s been a while since I walked here and I forgot what a lung buster it is. I haven’t been fit enough to exercise much lately and this was a shock to my system. While most of the UK has been basking in sunshine this weekend we have had heavy rain, but sometimes this has a beauty of its own.

View before we entered the clouds, Belfast Harbour.


Maybe in 20 years time. Too young to collect.

Most of the Hawthorn have lost their leaves but it looks to have been a great year for berries.

Up top, not a lot to see!!

Gorrillas in the mist… my two brothers 🙂

More Autumn colour, and I don’t mean the cattle!

3 comments on “Knackered!!

  1. the consolation being that this weather is better for our bonsai at this time of year than the hot weather down south will be for theirs !


    • Papers this morning talk of a 20 degree drop in temperature in the UK at the end of the week. That would make it -10 here on Saturday!! Pack your thermals.
      Me thinks, as usual, what they call the UK is actually what the rest of us call London!!


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