Rigeda Juniper Deadwood

I finally got around to cleaning up the deadwood on my Rigeda Juniper. I defined the limits of the live veins, tidied it up a little with a wire brush and treated with two coats of lime sulphur diluted to 1:5 ratio.

This was after one coat of Lime Sulphur.


and after the second coat. I reduced a long heavy branch at the bottom left and shortened a few branches in the apex that had reached the desired thickness.

This is the back of the tree. The deadwood needs a lot of refining here to improve a very flat boring area. However there is one branch at the back that isn’t connected to the main vein and I wanted to avoid working in this area. To be honest it’s hard to tell where the live vein is for this branch. It may have a slight crossover from the front. Any way, no rush. Tree will be left now for the rest of the year to get used to my garden and my care.

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