Twin Trunk Scots Pine

I have been looking to get a half decent quality Scots Pine for my collection. I only have a small semi cascade and a few bits of average raw material. I was after a nice semi styled or raw tree. I asked Peter Snart from Willowbog to bring a few bits over for me to have a look at. I had seen a few of them in photos but wanted to wait to see them before making up my mind.

This is the one I opted for. Slightly further along development wise that I wanted but it was exactly what I wanted shape and style wise. In the photo I thought it was only about 60cm tall. When he opened the van and I saw it was 100cm, I had a big smile on my face.

There is plenty of work to do with it. It has a slight mealy bug problem, but most pines do this year. It needs to be de wired, but that’s a great way to get to know the tree. A few of the older straggly needles also need cleaned up. I’ve already sprayed the tree with insecticide and will do the other jobs this week.

I’ll then leave it for a while and look at wiring it towards the end of the year.

This is one angle. Second trunk apex needs be brought forward.

and a slightly different angle.

One of the features I liked was the bottom branch on the smaller trunk. It has been styled as another apex. I had been looking at a few of these in a few photos online recently and I quite liked them, especially on pines. That helped seal the deal 🙂

The bark is great and a stronger red colour than I’m used to seeing. Peter is going to find out a little more about the tree from it’s previous owner. I love to know the full history. I think it’s important to keep the history with the tree.

It’s in an Ian Ballie Pot which I think suits the tree well, so unless I drop it off a bench, I’m happy to keep it as is.

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