New Blog Bundle for 2013

I follow most blogs I come across with Google Reader and over the last few years have created bundles for others to follow.

Things were getting a little messed up on my reader and I decided to delete the older bundles and create a new bundle of 281 blogs and feeds.

Apologies to those who were using the older bundles. I’m not sure what went wrong! You will now find everything in the one place with the 2013 Bonsai Blog Bundle. Click on the image below to subscribe or you can find it at any time on my sidebar near the bottom.

If your blog is missing from the bundle and you want it added, send me an email to bonsaieejit[at] and I’ll give you an add.

I’m sure most of you follow happenings at , but just in case you don’t, here’s a few of Jose Acuna’s latest video uploads from Japan. Well worth a look, fascinating to see just how things work around the Kokufu Ten and the bonsai markets. Loads more videos on his YouTube Channel . Also loads of photos on his blogsite. I use Google Chrome as my browser and the translate function works a treat for those out there who don’t speak Spanish. Personally I think Bonsai is a language of its own 🙂

Nearly 3500 of this hits on my blog have come via Jose’s website. It’s only right that I return the compliment 🙂