NIBS Promotional Video

My son Daniel is just finishing off his Creative Media course at Tech and part of his course was to create a promotional video. Thinking, what’s in this for me 🙂 , I suggested that he do one for my club, The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society. It’s taken a while to get all the bits and pieces together and it took a deadline for my son to get his act together :-), but he has now produced this 10 minute video looking at the history of the club and what we have to offer. We had a few technical issues along the way, and some of the video content isn’t as good quality wise and it should be. However, as a freebie, I think this will work well for the club.


Worth a Look

These two are worth a look.

First up are some great photos from the website showing bonsai displayed at 32st Nippon Bonsai Taikan-Ten (2012)

Second is a video from Merlin showing some tasty trees.

Make Kony Famous


More from Jose.. Kokufu 3&4

Here are two more videos from Jose Acuna’s youtube channel showing Kokufu market related happenings.

I’m sure most of you follow happenings at , but just in case you don’t, here’s a few of Jose Acuna’s latest video uploads from Japan. Well worth a look, fascinating to see just how things work around the Kokufu Ten and the bonsai markets. Loads more videos on his YouTube Channel . Also loads of photos on his blogsite. I use Google Chrome as my browser and the translate function works a treat for those out there who don’t speak Spanish. Personally I think Bonsai is a language of its own 🙂

Nearly 3500 of this hits on my blog have come via Jose’s website. It’s only right that I return the compliment 🙂


BSA 6th Annual Exhibit

As I sit here waiting for my trees to waken up in the Spring I can’t help but look forward to the forth coming British Shohin Association Exhibition. I plan to make the trip over to this in March and maybe even get a tree exhibited.

I have made many new friends through this blog and this will be an opportunity for me to actually meet a few face to face. To get in the mood I’m going to share a few photos from past Exhibitions.

This is a short View clip of the show display area.

Jose Acuna Fast Forward Juniper Video

Jose was kind enough to add me to his blogs list a while back, hence the serious amounts of Spanish views I get here 🙂

I thought I would share this new video he’s created. I just love the fast forward styling of the Juniper. There’s also an interesting pot choice at the end.