Airport Run

I had to pick up my Sister and Nephews from the Airport this afternoon, flying in from Australia. As the flight was delayed slightly, I had time to pop into Stephen’s house on the way to have a look at a few trees. Living 5 minutes from the airport is handy 🙂

His Satsuki has just started on the downhill stretch after flowering. Still worth a few photos though.

A nice hosta accent about to flower.

Big Hornbeam.

Big Larch.

Haws on a Hawthorn.

and I spotted this clump of baby spiders on a Pine just waiting for a breeze to drift off on.

Hosta Flowers Hurry Up!

I’ve been trying to get these two hosta accent plants to produce flowers in time for the club display this weekend. I put them in a shady corner in the poly tunnel hoping the extra heat will boost them on. One isn’t looking hopeful but the other one might just make it.

I love the long stalks with purple flowers dangling from the end. One of my favourite accents.

Giant Killer Snails!!

Just love these headline grabbing titles 🙂

I spotted this huge snail devouring hostas with the walled garden at Greenmount Agricultural College today. Stephen was able to ride it home. [Yet another height joke at his expense]

I was there on a club job moving display stands but took the opportunity to take a few photos for the blog. It was raining so I didn’t get to spend much time at it. Here’s a few taken within the walled garden.

Hostas and flowers

Stephen’s collection of hostas were just beautiful today and I managed to get a few pics of them and other flowers in his garden. Here’s a selection. Anyone know the name of the blue one? It’s a native bog plant.


Spent a few hours in the sun this afternoon tidying up around the garden and cutting grass. I decided enough was enough and got the camera and scissors out and trimmed back some very strong Spring foliage on my trees.

To keep this diary up to date I’ll split up the days work into a few posts. First up are a few accents. The first one is a weed, but a pretty weed.

Next up is one of my attempts at kusamono. It’s made up of hosta, dwarf aquilegia, dwarf Iris and a bit of mud rock. Most of the stuff is still emerging but the aquilegia is ahead of the game.


This is a tray of potted hostas that my mate Stephen gave me. About half of them are well on their way. The other half are just starting to poke their noses out. Three different varieties.


These two hostas are starting to show for me. Both potted last year. I checked all the freebee ones Stephen gave me and they are all starting to emerge too. Time for more slug pellets I think!!

This little sea thrift is also coming to life. It even has a little flower emerging. Just plucked this out of a rock at the coast last Summer.