Garden Benches

Here’s a few general shots I have snapped in the garden over the last week showing my  display area and the training benches along with accents. All change next year with my lawn going hopefully. This will allow my display to be moved into the best area of the garden for natural light.


16 comments on “Garden Benches

  1. You have the most amazing collection! I tried bonsai once with a tiny fig and evergreen and killed them both. I just can’t get it right! I’ll try again someday. By the way, where’d did you get that green house? Did you build it? I’m looking to get one.


  2. That is pretty crowded garden, mate. Hats off you are able to take care of it all. Anyway your garden is impressive. What kind of tree is deciduous cascade on picture 8?


    • Cheers. I think the tree you are referring to is a Rhododendron Blue Diamond. Not really a cascade, it’s a clump style that sweeps to the side. You can see it in the 4th photo from the back more clearly.


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