February meeting

Munster Bonsai Club

We just want remind that next club meeting is going to be on Friday, 21/02/2014 at 8 pm in Blackrock National Hurling Club. All very welcome. Do not forgot bring some of yours trees for the critique and workshop.

We will see then.  

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A Jaunt to Japan


It came about almost accidentally, this trip to Japan; I was talking with a friend sometime last fall about my wish to go there and take in the Kokufu Show, the biggest bonsai event of the year held in Tokyo. He said he’d been there once with his wife and thought about returning…as the conversation wore on, it was clear to see we were in accord and plans were made. If you had asked me a year ago if this would be the year I’d be doing this, my answer would have been ‘probably not’ 😉  It turns out this year was a double show; opening week would be one set of trees, which were changed out on the weekend and a completely new set of trees were exhibited during the second week. The general public was not allowed to photograph the exhibit, so no photos of trees from the…

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Sort of a reblog …

….. from Mr Warrens latest thoughts and reflections at Kokufu 2014.

Good read as usual, cheers Trev 🙂 Click on the photo below to view/read.


Stephen’s Repotting

Stephen, Ben and Michael came to my home on Saturday to do a little repotting. I was doing a few trees of my own and it’s good to have company, advice and extra hands available.

Stephen brought two trees with him, an Alder, and a Korean Hornbeam.

Alder before



and after, what a difference a pot makes


and his Hornbeam before


And after, again, pots make a big difference!