Noelanders Trophy Winners HD

Lyons Bonsai

Well if you havent been keeping up to date with the photographs that have been coming out of Belgium the past few weeks, here is a video of the winning trees from the weekend. All in HD. Thank you Bonsai Paparazzi.


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The 14th California Shohin Bonsai Seminar

Valavanis Bonsai Blog




The popular California Shohin Bonsai Seminar was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 31-February 3, 2014. The event was held at a small hotel in Santa Nella, California, which is a small town (truck stop?) located between Los Angeles and San Francisco to make travel easy for people throughout the state. Several friends from Rochester traveled with me to the event on our way to Japan for the Kikuyu Bonsai Exhibition, Shinseki of Japan Exhibition and to visit public and private bonsai collections in the Tokyo area.

The excellent and well presented lecture/demonstrations were held on Friday. On Saturday morning 12 workshops were conducted by skilled instructors, all in one large banquet room. Although all the workshops were in the same room, everyone enjoyed the individual attention of the teachers and excellent plant material each prepared for their classes. An additional 12 workshops were then presented in the…

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