Soil primer

Nebari Bonsai

Usually, Alabama sees a few really nice days in the dead of winter, and that’s when I try to assess the soil situation. Before the Internet forums, in my circles, soil recipes were jealously-guarded secrets. Mostly because the ingredients were hard to find, and partly because it took effort to figure out. That old recipe had 6-9 ingredients, and was fairly organic, and somewhat redundant…grit, lava, haydite, river rock, and turface generally serve similar purposes. A good measure of bark, peat, and sphagnum moss rounded out the organic components.

Now, with the free exchange of information online, soil is like discussing politics. Everyone has an opinion, and very few agree. Since you’re reading my blog, I’ll presume you are interested in my opinion (on soil, that is)…which has changed from a long list of ingredients to a very short list:

1. Lava Rock (scoria, technically)
2. Akadama
3. River sand

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