Swindon Winter Image Show Tomorrow

Good Luck with the Show Guys, Looking forward to seeing the photos.

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Building ramification

Nebari Bonsai

Trees grow from the tips, gaining mass behind them. In bonsai the goal is to control how the tips grow (shape and balance) and manage how they gain the mass along the way. We use that growth in many ways; building mass to make branches bigger, to make entire parts of the tree bigger, or to put the finishing touches in the form of ramification.

The “clip and grow” term is used to describe letting a branch grow until it has 5 or more leaves, then trimming it back to one or two. This is performed during the growing season. Each node has a dormant bud where the leaf stem attaches to the branch, which can be signaled to grow when the branch is trimmed back. A dormant bud is circled in red below:

Grow the branch to 5 or more nodes (leaves):

Trim it back to 2:

Dormant buds…

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Hawthorn Pot Change

Yesterday’s post saw me changing the pot on my Fuji Cherry, and this Hawthorn was the recipient of the old pot. I know nothing about this pot other that it looks old, with nice patina. I bought a tree in it and I have a feeling that I got a bargain. There’s no stamps anywhere, I’d love to know a little more about it. The last pot for the hawthorn was matt brown, ok as a training pot, but not doing to much for a fast developing Hawthorn. Loads of roots from the last repot and I was able to make a few adjustments to improve the base this time around.



This was the old pot back in November.