Stolen Bonsai – Wales

Helping to spread the word, just read on this thread on the European Bonsai Forum that Alex E in Wales has had some trees stolen.

Please keep an eye out for these in the UK and I hope whoever has them sees this post and realises that 200 – 300 bonsai people from the UK read this blog every day. We are watching! Hope you get caught ❗

If I hear any more I’ll update, or if you know any more, give me a shout and I’ll add it.

Update: Trees actually stolen from a show! Here is a few words from Alex taken from this Thread on IBC.Please also keep an eye out for the others mentioned.

“all the trees were stolen from a Marquee at the Bridgend County Show 13TH/14TH July
picture quality of the White pine is not good but its the only one I have & it belongs to Ron, a member
the Cardiff club although it is featured in the Bonsai Wales 2012 book, other trees stolen were ………
Southern Beech, Triple trunk Maple,
Semi cascade Larch in a crescent Mo pot,
Literati Larch very distinctive 8″ jin top in a China Mist round pot
Mame Cottoneaster with a chinese pot,the culprits even had the audacity to take the stands they were

Any information please contact me on 07969629466″

Alex e

Here are the trees:

ScreenHunter_46 Jul. 15 12.10

ScreenHunter_47 Jul. 15 12.10

ScreenHunter_48 Jul. 15 12.11

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