Late Extension

Seems that quite a few of my trees are extending late in the season, well, later than usual.

Trident that has just bombed on this year and a hawthorn that was trimmed back 2 weeks ago.

6 comments on “Late Extension

  1. Definitely an odd sort of year ! there is a real feel of Autumn here now , the look of many trees , chill in the air early morn and at night , and not the end of Aug. yet ?? !!


  2. Very much like last year. Very little growth during the wet and cold spring and summer and then it gets warm and sunny in September and October and the trees put out fresh growth. My korean hornbeams are pushing growth like it was spring and the deshojos are just putting on a flush of fresh crimson foliage. Odd!


  3. Interesting to see the differences in weather/climate on opposite sides of the pond. Here, it’s still very much summer; just not *brutal* summer anymore! At the same time, your growing season is longer overall.


  4. Actually, my maples haven’t shown growth in probably a month and a half and it’s funny you mention this, but I started seeing a few new shoots over the past week. It has been cooler here the past few weeks so it must be in the right zone for some growth.


  5. Funny you should mention this because my cotoneaster is still growing like crazy. Hasn’t bloomed or produced any berries either.


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