For Sale


The observant of you will have noticed a ‘For Sale’ Tab appearing at the top of the blog during the week. I am not trying to start a business or make my fortune at bonsai [Has anyone ever ❗ ] Anyone will tell you that I have too much material sitting about and I just need to thin out. I will not be blogging about every sale trees either, I’ll just add them to the page.

There is an eclectic mix on there already. Some raw trees suitable for beginners, some semi styled trees or pre prepared trees and a few that are pretty much were they need to be. Some aren’t even mine!!

I have sold trees for years to help finance my hobby but these have all been collection only. After selling one through a forum last week I have decided that it isn’t quite as much hassle to post one as I thought.

If you are interested click here for the page and each tree image can be clicked for further information. If you are just being nosey, I’m sure you’ll go ahead and look anyway 🙄

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