Irish Bonsai Club – Interested?

Back in November I asked, Does anyone Irish still do Bonsai?

Well, things have moved on and I’m doing my bit to assist with the start up of a Bonsai Club/Study Groups in Ireland.

Adam, from Cork, is determined to get the ball rolling and I’ve offered my personal support and also that of our club The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society.

Adam is currently gathering names and email addresses to assess where the majority of those interested live. The club will then be tailored to fit the make-up of the group. I can see study groups starting in Cork, Dublin and Galway or, at the very least, getting people in contact with each other in these areas. These groups will all be part of the one club organising events,  trips workshops etc.

There’s no name yet, there’s no website yet but this will come soon. The question is:

Are You Interested?

If the answer is yes, drop an email to Adam at to register your interest.

This is it folks, now is your chance. It takes someone to step up and you have waited for many years for this to happen. Step up now and get this going. If it doesn’t happen now, how much longer will you have to wait??!!

15 comments on “Irish Bonsai Club – Interested?

  1. Tempted to take the boat myself. I’d love to see the art get rooted in the land of my ancestors. (Pun intended.) 😉

    If any groups get started, I’ll at least give them a plug in my blog. Maybe they accept “virtual members!” :0


  2. Not much progress made lads? The bonsai population of the island is probably too fragmented to get a club going. a virtual club is probably the only option.


    • Hi Kevin,

      You only need about five in the one place to get started. Dublin and Cork both have that. You also need someone with the desire to get it going. That’s where Ireland has hit a snag. In the meantime, everyone’s welcome to come up to us. Had Piotr from Cork with us 2 weeks ago. Where there’e a will……


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  4. I’d be very interested in a bonsai club or society in Ireland. I’m very new to the hobby and it would be a fantastic resource to have available.


    • Hi Adam,

      Thanks for checking in. Cork Club should be up and running this September, Dublin is still getting a few things in a row. Keep checking in for updates. Hit the contact tab at the top if you want further assistance.


  5. Following up on a comment by Ian: when we started a bonsai club in our little city some years back, we found that half-a-dozen was enough. But those 5 or 6 need to be people who are committed enough to help carry the administrative chores. If all the work ends up on 1 or 2 people, the club won’t be viable.

    It depends, too, on what people consider a reasonable drive to attend meetings. I have no problem driving an hour each way, but while that’s partly due to to my own love of bonsai, it’s also partly due to a US perspective on such things.


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