Rigida Juniper

Lifted this Rigida Juniper out to give it a weeding, the shame, the shame 🙂 I bought this last year and have horror stories ever since about how hard they are to care for. This one appears happy and I gave it a pinching on the branches that required it. The extension growth on the lower branches has been left to thicken the branches.

4 comments on “Rigida Juniper

  1. odd coincidence !!! only yesterday, working on a hand-out for the next school session, I found myself wondering how that tree was doing !


  2. hi,
    feed it as hard as any tree you’ve ever fed before and they are really easy to keep. Other than growing an actual new branch I cut off all the first growth back to just 2mm, (4 or 5 needles), but critically only after it has finished extending. The second flush of growth is finer and this is the growth to pinch until early sept, then let it grow out for ther rest of the season. Nice cold winter so they go bronze and you have a happy tree !


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