Potting Up

Yesterday saw us potting up the remaining Scots Pine and getting them into the poly tunnels. As usual I had the camera in hand. Some would say that this is a cunning ploy for me to avoid the heavy lifting, that is not the case but is a rather handy bonus 🙂

Phil considering binning this one!!

Phew, he’s only removing some of the grass from the root ball.

We managed to find a few interesting heathers as well.

and some rather nice lichen with red flowering trumpets.

The watering area before placing into the tunnels

Smudge doesn’t care about the Pines’ ‘Just throw the Ball Phil!!’

More watering

Important to keep watering until the water runs clear. The grit is dusty and all the fine particles need to be washed out of the bottom.

The Old Tunnel

and the new tunnel

the rest went to Phil’s place to go on his heat bed for a month or so. These were the trees with poorer root systems.

This was our last collecting trip this Spring. If all goes well we are looking at further collecting in the Autumn.

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