Very P1$$ed Off!!

My Chuhin Maple and a few other maples have been eaten by something! The buggers have stripped bark on branches causing either very slow budding or branch death! Could it be slugs, never had this before and of all my trees to eat they picked this one.

The damage can be seen clearly on this little maple that died as a result as it was on the trunk.

Fingers crossed I don’t loose too many branches, only time will tell. It’s already been set back quite a bit.

13 comments on “Very P1$$ed Off!!

  1. Hi Ian

    I had a problem with snails eating bark on Chinese eml bark they love the stuff . Check next night is rains and u may find the culprit . I’m in Sydney and had a problem with weevils eating juniper bark . How your maple rally’s .


    • Hi John, I’ve heard of folk from other parts of the world having problems with mice and their bonsai during the Winter months. I have never heard of it here in the UK though.


  2. There is a fungus called nectria that causes “girdling disease” (check Google) that I have had trouble with in my landscape Japanese Maples. When it is fruiting (in the fall) it decorates the infected area with small rusty-orange bodies. Else it seems difficult to notice until suddenly a branch “flames out” – I mean suddenly all the leaves wither and turn brown. In my experience, the dead leaves hang onto the tree and don’t fall off or disappear as in your case. So, I really don’t know what you’ve got (or what has gotten you, whichever the case may be).

    Nevertheless, my point is that nectria is easily spread by pruning – VERY easily! I would suppose that other fungi, bacteria, and viral diseases can be similar. Until you’ve eliminated the trouble, consider dipping your saw/pruner/shear/scissor in rubbing alcohol or in water with a bit of chlorine bleach after every cut you make. In my case, I infected two other trees before I realized what was happening – only one is still alive.

    Hope it turns out to not be serious.


  3. Personally I reckon it could be a case of bud eating bark munching,hob nail booted beasties that love maples , will leave it open for discussion !!


  4. Bummer, Ian! I know how it feels; in my case it was almost certainly a chipmunk (small, striped heartless thief that hides behind a veil of cutesy-ness.) The maple in question, BTW, appears not to have made it.

    Hope your chuhin prize-winner pulls thru. That is a great tree, and it would be a shame for it to be lost.


  5. Did you find any larvae when cleaning? i would say it’s most likely a bark beetle or some sort so larve WILL be lurking somewhere. Check any sphagnum you have lying about as beetles are common in bogs and can often be transferred via moss, and peaty composts


  6. I don’t have much of a diagnosis for you, but I can say that it does not look like rodent damage to me. Best of luck. I saw that you cleaned out your maple quarters, this is a good start towards dealing with the problem.


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