Club Night January 2012

Had a good night at the club meeting last night. We had asked for members to bring Larch and we had a great turn out. As usual for January, numbers attending were up. Must be the post Christmas effect.

A few pics from proceedings.

Birch root over rock belonging to Hugh.

Roy’s Raulii

Phil pointing out how many more trees are needed in the forest planting.

First styling for Roy’s Larch.

Davy’s little shohin Yew

4 comments on “Club Night January 2012

  1. Would have enjoyed being there! Over here, our winter attendance is sometimes up because people can’t be outside working with their hardy trees. The flip side is that sometimes it’s lower because of the weather!

    Very good styling job on “Roy’s larch,” if I may say so. 🙂


    • Hi Steve, The Larch was all Roy’s own work. He only joined the club last year and has been doing bonsai on his own for over 20 years. He’s not short of talent. A few suggestions were made for him to consider. I’ll try and get more photos of this tree in the future.


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