Funtime Frankies

Yesterday I popped over to Frankies house to meet up with Phil, Frankie’s son and one of my bonsai muckers [that means friend].

Phil had put up a poly tunnel at his Dad’s to take care of the Winter storage for his and his dad’s bonsai collection. I’m thinking of getting another one to ensure all my own trees get protection. This will also double up as a recovery area for collected trees You can see photos of the Tunnel getting erected on our club site NI Bonsai Society .

While I was there Phil and I looked at a few trees that he has been preparing for work over a number of years.

This is a Scots Pine, one of the short needled varieties. It had been grown in a pot by a neighbour for over 40 years. Phil managed to get his hands on it about 5 years ago and has been getting the roots and growth sorted during that time. He’s considering a first styling next year.

This big Hornbeam was field grown for 8-9 years. It has been in this pot for a few years not just getting a clip and grow approach. Next year will see some clearing out done to define the future structure.

Some of Frankie’s and Phil’s trees in the garden. I haven’t a clue who owns what, so I’ll just put them all together. Some are still pretty raw and have yet to be styled. Phil likes to get a compact tree before doing the initial styling.

A few bits of Pine material


Scot’s Pine


Large Juniper

Chinese Elm

Japanese Larch

Small ones on a gravel tray.

The Next generation, trays of cutting from some of the best varieties.

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