Tree Delivery

Today I delivered my Trident maple to it’s new home. I think it’ll be very happy there.

When I got to Hugh’s home I was blown away by his fantastic collection of Koi. Heated pool, fed automatically every 2 hours. No wonder they are so big.

We then got to see his display area for his growing collection of bonsai.

Zelkova. Foliage pads are a little flat but with a repot in the Spring and a little ramificaion, could be a very nice tree.

Scots Pine

A Juniper Squamata. Needs  thinning out as the foliage is too heavy but could be a nice tree with refinement.

Japanese White Pine

Hugh has been gathering up trees from friends for a number of years and I was pleased to be reunited with a Scots Pine I had sold him over 6 years ago.

Korean Hornbeam.

Root Over Rock Silver Birch.

Satsuki Azalea. Looks to have been very weak in years past but Hugh has got the tree back budding strongly. With a little work next year after flowering this tree should get back to it’s best.

A root over rock Japanese maple. nice little tree but looks a little weak. A repot and a bigger pot to aid development would be a good next step.

The rest of his garden was beautiful as well.

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