Sunday Soaking

After some last minute discussion Stephen and I decided to go ahead and have our Sunday walk today. Probably a wrong decision as it rained solid the whole time. I had decided to try and keep the camera in the bag out of the rain but as usual I saw a few things that made it worth lifting out.

This was the view over Belfast Lough, drizzle and misty at the same time.

I spotted this little coastal Cottage that looked like a throw back to years gone by. How it’s managed to survive tucked in between some mega mansions, I don’t know!

I then spotted a Grey Heron in the water along the coast. Normally a shy bird, this one seemed content to stand and watch us.

I sneaked a little closer and changed to a zoom lens and grabbed a few quick shots.

Stephen then let my dogs go and Smudge did a sterling job of chasing it off to a distant perch.

Some lovely coastal Wild Flowers in the rain. Sea Thrift is a favourite of mine for walks and as a accent plant.

Bluebells are out

Part of the World War 2 Defenses for German Bombers targeting Belfast docks. This gun commanded a great position from Grey’s Point overlooking Belfast Lough.

Maybe it was worth a walk in the rain anyway 🙂




4 comments on “Sunday Soaking

  1. I love the pics. I live in a semi rural area of north east Ohio, USA. Here, it’s a rare and beautiful experience to spot a blue crane now and again. Like eschmidtpabonsai I too need to walk more, and I should take my camera too.
    I have a bit o’ Irish blood and would love to visit Ireland someday. It does look wonderful.


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