Shore Pine Rock Planting 2

Saturday’s study group also got to play with rock. Another Shore Pine being placed on a rock from Lough Corrib County Galway.

The tree previously styled.

Playing with options. We ended up changing plans yet again and grinding away rock to allow better placement.

The rock had a large hole in the middle which had to seal with mesh from underneath to allow for more substrate to be added.

The photo doesn’t do the rock justice. It has lots of character and I look forward to seeing this composition mature.

Shore Pine Rock Planting 1

I run a study group once a month for some friends who want to learn more. This has become two separate groups, one on a Friday evening, one on the Saturday morning.

This Weekend we were putting together some trees with rock.

First up was this shore Pine which had some initial work done by Peter Warren in 2017 and was recently rewired by myself.

The tree in September 2017 as raw material.


prior to wiring 2019. after wiring.

The rock collected by a friend over 20 years ago at Blessington lake Dublin

The work. The original plan had to be changed after the heavy roots on the tree wouldn’t let us place the tree on the highest portion of the rock. We looked at other planting options and liked the drama of the option selected.

If you are reading this and are within travelling distance of Newtownards near Belfast feel free to join us once a month for sessions like this.

Tufa Rock Landscape

I was given this lump of Tufa by Josh about a year ago. We had been talking about rock plantings and I mentioned that I’d been looking for a weathered piece of tufa but could never find a suitable one. He said, ‘Hold on a minute’, disappeared around the side of the garage and came back with this in his hand. It was already mossing up nicely and has gotten better in the last year.

I’m not planning anything too fancy with it. I just wanted a natural lump of stone with a few odd bits and pieces clinging to the rock face so to speak. I have added a few cotoneasters, an elm, a hawthorn, a creeping willow and a flowering current! With the flowering plants and different types of foliage it should make an interesting object to look at in a few years time. It’s still very early days. The cascade cotoneaster isn’t right and will probably be replaced once I find a suitable replacement. Everything else needs to mature.

The Elm clinging to the rock

The flowering current, not the usual one you see in gardens I might add, this is a climbing one that with some leaf removal and pruning in the next few years will make a nice splash of colour on the rock.

A cascading Hawthorn

A dwarf willow that will climb down the back of the rock and create a very nice image on a bare uninteresting part of the rock. I have seen this used before by Stephen, aka bonsai baker to great effect.

The moss is delightful 🙂

I keep it under a bench in the shade to encourage the moss and keep it moist. Ideally I would like another smaller piece of tufa to add to the finished image by making it look like two islands sitting in a water suiban. Aiming for something like this 🙂