Noelanders Trophy 2016

Possibly the best photo taken over the whole weekend.  However, it’s obvious by looking at facebook and Instagram etc, that very few paid a blind bit of notice.


I think I’ve probably seem the majority of trees exhibited on social media. Will this mean I won’t buy the book? No of course not. Did this impact numbers attending? Sure doesn’t look like it!

Anyway, if you want to see the winners check out this blog post over on Bonsai Empire. Another great post from Oscar.

A big well done to Warren Radford from the UK for being a joint winner this year. His tree shown below along with the tied for 1st tree from Luis Vallejo


4 comments on “Noelanders Trophy 2016

  1. Ian can you explain how you can win Best in Show with a Deciduous tree but not best Deciduous tree? That appears to have been won by Fred Chenal?


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