Lonicera Forest

I’m looking after this one for a few weeks while Josh is away on holiday. It a Lonicera Forest collected many years ago from a hedge. Trunks are where they were in the hedge, nothing adjusted. I love the little bushes growing at the base of the trees, they add to the scale of the whole image. It’s a little pom-pom in places but it’s hard to do anything else with Lonicera on this scale. It breaks your heart with growth. Rather Josh than me 🙂

and with me for scale in case you thought it was shohin size!

Cork Bark Forest Case Study Updated

I did a little trimming on this Cork Bark Elm Forest on Saturday. Full selection of photos can be seen under the Case Studies Tab, or just click the photo below.

Forest Inspiration

Last Friday, when Graham brought this Larch Forest to my house for some work it was admired by some of the other guys there.

Hugh was one of them and a few days later he sent me this photograph that he took in Connemara. It’s a Pine wood growing on an Island at a place called Lough Clare. Hugh said that the larch  group reminded him of this photo and he looked it out for me. If you want to view a bigger image just pop over to my FlickR account, link on the side bar.

As much as I like Graham’s larch Forest, it has a ways to go before it matches this beautiful scene. I feel a Summer trip to the West of Ireland coming on 🙂

Garage Night Tree/s #3

Graham brought this Larch Forest to the garage night yesterday. It’s made up of young larch seedling and was put together by Graham a few years ago. It’s planted on a slate slab. This was the first time I had seen this planting as Graham had been hiding it in his back garden until now.

The photo doesn’t do it justice as the slab actual zig-zags a bit and adds interest to the composition. He had lost a few trees from the back and we discussed if they should be replaced. I liked it as is but felt that the tree to the far right might be better added to the rear behind the main tree. A few others where adjusted and shortened. This was the result.

Still a few tweeks to be made here and there but I think he’s made a fantastic job out of this using what was very young and cheap material. The slate was from the base of an old pool table. Here is Graham with the forest for scale.


Elm Forest Planting

As part of the current challenge on the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum I put together this group planting. Previous posts can be seen here.

Cork Bark Elm Forest

Elm Forest Update

As today was the final chance to update the photos for the challenge, I asked Stephen to come down to my place and give me a hand lifting the group out of the Poly Tunnel.

The growth in a month was great to see.

and as you can see, the weeds grew well too!

After a quick weeding session Stephen and I trimmed back the new growth. This part of the apex in the main tree has yet to fill out to hide the lack of taper and develope the new branch.

Stephen hard at work. As you can see, a lot of growth has been trimmed.

 This is it after it’s second trim of the year.

and me added just for scale.

If you want to see the new 360 made for this group click this link Elm Forest 360

This is a quick virtual showing what it might be like on a slab.

Elm Forest Update

Here’s an update on the Elm Forest Planting shown here Cork Bark Elm Group

I lifted out of the poly tunnel yesterday for an inspection and tidy up. It’s been growing rapidly in the tunnel and many unwanted shoots have appeared.

 I gave it a weeding and trim. A few branches got a light wiring to place them in the right position. If it continues to grow like this it’ll fill out before the end of the year!! Here’s the result of yesterdays work.