It could have been worse!!

Here’s me bitching about all the rain and flooding and then I watched this after seeing a link on the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum. Mike from Miko Bonsai got hammered by golf ball size hailstones!!


Lucky Escape

We’ve had some heavy rain here for the last few days. Luckily for me, my town has escaped the worst of it. It was nice to be able to skip watering for a few days 🙂

Some parts of Belfast were not so lucky. BBC News Belfast Flooding Feel bad for those who have had their homes ruined.

But this made me smile, They had to bring in the Police Dive Team 😀

British Summer!?

April Hail

We have had a few days of crap weather. Sun for 10 minutes, rain for 15 minutes, then sun again, then 20 hail shower and repeat..

Took this video out of my living room window.

Snow in the Mournes

I jokingly added a post on April Fool’s Day about there being snow in my garden. Here we are a few days later and it has snowed in many places in the UK. We have been lucky here in Northern Ireland with snow only lying on high ground. I took this photo this morning with my mobile phone when I was working in Newcastle, County Down. White tops on the Mourne Mountains.

This is one taken in the North of England today. After high temperatures last week and spending a little time basking in the sun, we dropped back below zero!

Whatever the Weather

The latest from my weather guru at Exacta. He was, by his own admittance, a bit out with his December prediction, but this isn’t exactly an easy thing to figure out!! James got last Winter spot on when a £33 million computer predicted a mild one!

Looks like a colder period is approaching, and here was me wanting to get out collecting!!!

I guess he got it wrong LOL

I guess Mr Madden got a White Christmas wrong but it’s hard to rule out his projections with his track record. He’s predicting a cold and windy January.

White Christmas?

Looks Like it!!

Winter Wonderland

Today was just about as cold I want to experience for a while. The wind filled with wet snow made it doubly nasty! The snow only lay on high ground thank goodness. Here are two photos I took on my travels today.

Knockagh Monument Carrickfergus.

and sun setting behind Cavehill.

It would appear that my request for warmer weather will not be granted. More snow forecast.

First Snow of the Winter

Last night saw the first snow to lie here where I live this Winter. It was only -2 °c last night but it’s only reaching about 5°c during the day.

This was my display area this morning. As you can see the snow was light and I only had one tree remaining on the bench, a stubborn Trident Maple that is refusing to drop leaves! This might make it’s mind up 🙂