Aussie Bonsai

My sister who lives in Australia knows what a bonsai nut I am, in fact it was her that bought me my first tree back in 1993. She made the effort to visit a local bonsai exhibition over in Perth and took some photos for me. I thought I’d share them here as well. A real mix of trees and I really like the idea of working on bougainvillea. A few very nice accents in there too, she’s obviously figured out from my blog that I’m addicted in that area too 🙂 The display was put on by Bonsai Workshop Inc, and was supported by a local business, The Bonsai Emporium.

Thanks sis.


2 comments on “Aussie Bonsai

  1. Glad that she enjoyed the show 🙂 I overheard her talking with one of the members whilst I was there and thought it cool that someone from the other side of the world was enjoying the show. If you want anymore pics, give me a yell as I have many 🙂

    and sorry if this is a double comment, not sure if the first came through


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