Higo Gayu-kai 10th Aniversery Exhibition

Some great trees shared by Nekotoban on her Bonsai Days blog.

Shuga Ten 2013

Juan Andrade, who is apprenticing at Aichien very kindly shared some photos taken at Shuga Ten  on Facebook. I was blown away by some of the quality trees. I have shared a few of my favourites below but Juan tells me that John Milton will be sharing them all on his blog soon, so keep an eye open for this.


Eda Uchi Kai Bonsai Ten 2013

One for your diary if you are local enough. I wish I was!

Better Late than Never!

I’m a few days late sharing this one but I delighted to see that I had a display put together for my birthday 🙂

Click on the image to see more.

Thank you Nekotoban 🙂

Nashville Bonsai Society Regional Show

Felt the need to share a link to this one. This is a post from Owen Reich’s Bonsai Unearthed giving a full run down on Nashville’s Show.

Don’t be thinking, ‘Another Gallery Show Report’! This one holds much more in it’s reading.

I can draw so many parallels between this show and exhibiting bonsai here at home. Our own club show tries to set the standard for display here but we have so far still to go as regards stands, kusamono etc but we are going in the right direction.

Then you have the old Horticultural Shows with bonsai classes, were you are given a tiny space for numerous trees! Is it worth bothering, or do we seek every opportunity to reach the public? More on that in a forthcoming post.

I digress … just click the image below and enjoy Owen’s take on showing bonsai.

Better View




I was sorting out a little path that leads to my display benches in the garden a few days ago and I decided to remove a gate and trellis to allow for a better view as you enter the area. I was amazed at just how much better it looks now instead of the trees being caged away!






Bench Reshuffle

I spent Friday morning with my son reshuffling my benches in my display area. I acquired a few extra railway sleepers and was going to do this in a few weeks time. However, my son has to make a promotional video for his Creative Media course at Tech and he’s making one for the club. He has to video me talking about the NIBS and I wanted to do it among my benches. One thing lead to another and well, see for yourself 🙂


Bonsai @ Chelsea Flower Show 2013

One of this blog’s roving reporters, (or should that be raving 😉 )  Ben F, was at Chelsea Flower Show today and I asked him to snap a few photos of the bonsai on display. True to his word he has emailed me some nice shots of a few of the stands.

Koujitukai & Tokujyukai Joint Exhibition

Some more from the Bonsai Days Blog from a local exhibition in Japan.

BCI in China

Just had to add links to this! Photos from the BCI in Yangzhao, China.

I don’t think there is a single tree here that doesn’t make you think out of the box! Some I really really love and a few that are a bit out there but really made me stop and look.

Pots and mudmen not always to my taste but even some of these work for me! Don’t take my work for it, check out these links in IBC Forum and French Forum.

Just look!!

Nuts, but I love it 🙂