A black pine styling.

Nichigo Bonsai

The following tree is a customer’s that is already well on its way as bonsai. The tree has had its first styling many years ago and is now at the development and refinment part of its life.

Before Before

The tree had just been un-wired when I received it to work on and I set about re-applying wire to fine tune certain areas of the trees canopy.

Many areas in the canopy had borrowed foliage that had served it purpose and could be replaced with growth from better locations so a fair amount of branches were removed. I also focused in turning large singular pads into multiple, smaller layers to add some more detail to the tree.

After After

Probably the largest change to the tree was removing a portion of the first left hand side branch to reveal the elbow in the trunk and small shari. I also lifted the first…

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Mr Warren’s New Book

Peter Warren’s new book has hit the shelves of book stores, well, probably more accessible via Amazon’s virtual book store, but you get my meaning.

Mr Snart of Willowbog fame has displayed his copy nicely in a Tokonoma. Did he write any words of wisdom on the inside cover Peter? 😉

ScreenHunter_57 Jul. 02 09.18

Click the image below for a link to Amazon.

ScreenHunter_58 Jul. 02 09.20

If you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the last 10 years and don’t know who the author is, then this is for you.

Peter Warren is an internationally renowned bonsai artist based in London who spent six years training in the traditional manner as an apprentice to a Japanese bonsai master. Since completing his studies Peter has travelled far and wide teaching and working with bonsai collectors and enthusiasts across the globe on a mission to bring the best of Japanese bonsai to the rest of the world, and his creations are exhibited at the highest level in Japan, the US and Europe. Peter regularly writes and translates articles for online and print publications including Bonsai Focus, International Bonsai, and Transparent magazines.

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