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My Blackthorn is beginning to look a little tired as autumn leaf fall approaches. It has progressed well this and as usual has managed to keep three rather large ripe berries up to this point. The…

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Sugarplum Fairy

Saxifrage Sugarplum Fairy, ready for an accent pot next year. Love the flowers on this one.



Korean Hornbeam Leaf Cutter

My Korean Hornbeam has proven to be a big hit again this year with leaf cutter bees. All the late growth in August has been cut away in semi circles.





I reckon this is the culprit, photo not mine sadly.

Leinster Bound

I’m heading to Leinster Bonsai Clubs meeting tonight in Balbriggan with Phil for some craic and wee trees.

IMG_2904 IMG_2922 IMG_2928

Red Admiral

Very Obliging Red Admiral on my Buddleia






Mukdenia Autumn Colour


Bonsai eejit ALS Ice bucket Challenge

Thank you Peter Warren for nominating me for the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I have made my own donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association here in the UK. I had no shortage of volunteers to do the icing and it was ICE water!!

Keeping this in the International Bonsai Community I now nominate Valentine Brose in Germany, Owen Reich in USA, and closer to home, Will Baddeley and Tony Tickle. Please donate to MND,  ALS, or another charity close to your heart.

Lets all remember where this Ice Bucket Challenge started, with Pete Frates

Here you go folks enjoy 🙂

Bonsai Art of Japan 42

Early Autumn

Never seen so many signs of an early Autumn as this year around the garden.








Gotta Love a Tree Critique

Maybe it’s just me but I love it when someone takes the time to video a show critique session, especially when they fight their way to the front 🙂 Thanks of bonsai magazine

It’s always interesting to see what different artists chose to comment on, and we can all learn from that. It’s not always about the quality of the trees but about display in general. This series of videos from the Prairie State Show has Walter Pall and Jim Doyle in full flow. Walter always makes it interesting and Jim has a honest way of putting his information across. The camera zoom/focus noise is a real pain but stick with it and you soon filter it out as the critique progresses.