Mr Warren’s New Book

Peter Warren’s new book has hit the shelves of book stores, well, probably more accessible via Amazon’s virtual book store, but you get my meaning.

Mr Snart of Willowbog fame has displayed his copy nicely in a Tokonoma. Did he write any words of wisdom on the inside cover Peter? 😉

ScreenHunter_57 Jul. 02 09.18

Click the image below for a link to Amazon.

ScreenHunter_58 Jul. 02 09.20

If you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the last 10 years and don’t know who the author is, then this is for you.

Peter Warren is an internationally renowned bonsai artist based in London who spent six years training in the traditional manner as an apprentice to a Japanese bonsai master. Since completing his studies Peter has travelled far and wide teaching and working with bonsai collectors and enthusiasts across the globe on a mission to bring the best of Japanese bonsai to the rest of the world, and his creations are exhibited at the highest level in Japan, the US and Europe. Peter regularly writes and translates articles for online and print publications including Bonsai Focus, International Bonsai, and Transparent magazines.

5 comments on “Mr Warren’s New Book

  1. no words of wisdom on the inside cover Ian but fortunately plenty of words of wisdom on all the other pages of the book !!


  2. I preordered the book and received it a few weeks ago. What a great read! It has a very practical layout and teaches by example. Worth it for the instructional on wiring alone. This is now the book I will be recommending to beginners. Excellent for the seasoned bonsai folk too!


  3. That is so weird, I was just reading this on my lunch break in the book store, wondering why I’d never seen it before! haha going to go back and buy myself a copy now.


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