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Cheers to Mario who shared this on Facebook and brought it to my attention. Makes you appreciate pots a little more.

and a few others on the channel to keep me busy 🙂

Initial workings #1 Pyracantha

I had the pleasure of working on this tree yesterday.

This Pyracantha was a beast collected from a garden a few years ago. It was time to do some branch selection and a little placement with wire where it was required. First though we had to define what was alive on the trunk and define the veins. Most of the trunk was dead but it had two live veins and an impressive base once we uncovered it. Bark was removed from the dead areas but no detailed carving was done for now. The top of the chop would was removed as this wont be needed in any final design. A repot in the Spring and this tree is well on the way to being one of the most impressive Pyracantha I have seen.

Into the Wind Rivers: Part 1

One of my favourite blogs, great scenery, gnarly trees, happy dogs and adventure. What a way to live….

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Granite Wonderland D.O.G. Granite Wonderland D.O.G.

The Wind River range in west central Wyoming has long been one of my fantasy places. It seems like every time I see a stunning photograph in a magazine and wonder “where is that?!” it’s always the Winds.

The Photographer at Photographer's Point The Photographer at Photographer’s Point

The Wind Rivers did not disappoint but the visit was somewhat bittersweet; I so longed to shoulder my backpack and disappear into those mountains for a few days, but my older dog Bowie just isn’t up to long hikes anymore. For his age, he’s in great health, excellent shape and high spirits. He has almost no grey and you’d never guess he’s 11 – he’s certainly not counting – but he’s slow and gets sore after a few miles and is easily dehydrated. At a burly 85 pounds, he’s 2/3 of my weight and I’d have a hell of a time evacuating him if…

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