Satsuki Flower Removal

The best was past for my Satsuki Azalea and it was time to remove the flowers to help conserve a little strength. It took a while but I got the all, just always make sure you get the seed pod too. These are the four flower types on this tree.


The aftermath!



Now I have to look at this for the rest of the year 😦


2 comments on “Satsuki Flower Removal

  1. im just starting out in my second season of bonsai. I have a satsuki azalea that im going to let grow out this year. The buds are swelling now. I heard you can remove all the buds before or after flowering to promote better growth. What is your experience?


    • Hard to make generalisations when giving advice without seeing the tree in question, however, yes you can remove flower buds early which allegedly is beneficial for the tree. It’s a pain of a job to do and I sometimes think that good feeding and quick removal of the spent flowers is just as effective. Hope this helps. Good luck with your Satsuki.

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