New Digs for an Old Pine…


It pleases me to share this post with you because it brings closure to a very bad accident this Southwestern white pine endured while en route to the National Bonsai Show in Rochester, NY, in June of 2010. Somewhere between Portland, OR and Rochester, the truck the tree was being delivered in jumped over a curb and the pot for this tree was broken. I don’t know how long it was before the driver discovered it, but maybe it’s best we never know 😉 I was in Bozeman, Montana at the time, out of range of phone service, so I didn’t know what had happened until I returned and the show was over. Look for the full story in ‘International Bonsai’  2012 issue #4. The tree is featured on the cover of that issue, with thanks to Bill Valavanis. It’s amazing how so many fellow bonsaiists worked together to make…

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Garden Centre Opening Soon!!

Only joking but my place is starting to look like one with the amount of accents I have been propagating. I opted to have a tidy up/clearout in one of the tunnels and have put in a few makeshift benches. This allowed me to move some accents around so I could see exactly what I had.