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As requested, the Boston Ivy.




For Ben #1

We have a result at last Ben 🙂



Adachi’s little trees

Munster Bonsai Meeting

Ok, so it’s Munster not Monster, but these things start small and build. This group are keen to learn and we spent a very wet and windy Friday night in Blackrock Hurling Club waiting for the roof to blow off!! We also covered potting medium and what we are looking for in a mix, carving bonsai, tree critique all at the same time as a Juniper was being styled.

Ulster Vs Leinster Vs Munster

I’ll share my photos from my weekend trip over the next few days. A great weekend with like-minded Bonsai Enthusiasts is hard to beat. It’s a bit of a trip and I’m absolutely shattered. Phil would say that I have no reason to be tired as he did all the driving, but then he goes to bed early 😉

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I’ve been doing my best to give bonsai a little push in Ireland who up until last year had no clubs! So our club in Northern Ireland (Ulster)has offered assistance to those in the South who are keen to get up and running. This trip was for the Munster Club who meet in Cork on the South coast of Ireland but, on the way Phil and I stopped for a coffee with Owen in Balbriggan who is the driving force behind getting a club up and running in Leinster which will cover Dublin the biggest City on this Island. Small steps but we had a good chat and came up with a few ideas for events for the rest of this year. First meeting is 27th June in Balbriggan.

So everyone can put a face to the name, here’s Owen and I at his place also his bonsai balcony 🙂




Stolen Bonsai Czech Republic- Nýřany

These two bonsai stolen from Václav Stropek,  Nýřany, Czech Republic! If you know anything or see these trees please contact Václav HERE via Facebook. Remember that they could turn up anywhere in Europe.

Please reblog this post and share via Facebook. It may not get the trees back but at the very least it will piss off the thief!

stolen 1

stolen 2

Carving workshop tokonoma.

Just what he needs !

Bonsai Baker

Just last Sunday Ian ask if I could lend a hand to dig a few trees up.

These had been in the ground for at least 13 years. Sadly the guy who owned these was downsizing his collection.

Once back in Ian’s garage -workshop, we could really see just what he had.

Ian taking out unwanted branches.

When these five were put togather I think they make a nice group.

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Yamadori Sitka Spruce

This Spruce was collected back in March 2012, full story here.



During the week I decided to give it a clear out of the dead branches and remove a few unnecessary ones. I have chased back the foliage a bit too to encourage some back budding.



After a lot of turning around and a little thought I opted to remove  the branch on the right and do a little shari.




It will now be left alone until next year to allow it to recover and back bud.  I see two options with it and a lot of raffia in it’s future 🙂