Japan Satsuki Bonsai Tour– Part 2

Another great post, I love these virtual tours.

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Saitama City





Our first stop today was at the private garden of Masahiko Kimura where we saw magnificent, mostly large size bonsai. Nearly every tree was an evergreen, many with dead wood, but not all. Three were numerous famous masterpieces as well as Important Bonsai Masterpieces and award winning trees from the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition.


Mr. Kimura was a gracious host and all of group were served tea and Japanese cookies. Of interest to most of our members was not a large size tree, nor evergreen, but rather a small tropical tree. A few knew the name was “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” but could not think of the botanical name. So, I took out my iPhone and searched and discovered the name is Brunfelsia pauciflora, a small plant native to Brazil. I’ve seen it in Florida and it’s beautiful with purple, white and pink flowers on the…

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Decision to Make

This root over rock Cotoneaster is up for a make over. The bottom branch is very low and although it looks fine in it’s bare winter image, it has been bothering me in leaf. It doesn’t get much light and can get a little weak and leggy. I was looking at it a few days back with a view to removing it. One of the benefits would be to show off the root over rock portion a little better. I took this photo and then photoshopped the branch away. I then extended the branch above slightly and think we have  found the way to go.