Taikan-Ten 2013, Conifers Part 1

Nichigo Bonsai

I’ve been a little slow on processing these images but better late than never. Below is the first half of the conifers from the Taikan-ten. The second half should be along shortly and then we will be back to regular programming. Until then… Enjoy.

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2 comments on “Taikan-Ten 2013, Conifers Part 1

  1. The trouble with your amazing pictures is, for the beginner or semi beginner with a modest collection, are they an inspiration or should I just give up.


    • Hi Michael,

      We must always treat these as inspiration. Always strive to make your own trees better and never be happy. It can be done. Look at the olive that won the Chuhin award in this year’s Noelanders. 5 years from raw state to award winning. It can be done 🙂 Thanks for checking in.


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