Bonsai NekNomination ?!

#changeonething #onlygoodthings

Most of you will have heard of the craze that is sweeping the world via Facebook.

NekNomination – which is known by various monikers and spellings in different regions – is a game in which a person is filmed downing their drink in one go, before nominating others to do the same on camera. Frequently, they nominate friends in other countries, which is how the fad has spread so quickly around the world.

This craze has resulted in many deaths two of which have been here in the UK and Ireland.


I teach young people about drugs and alcohol and how to stay safe, so as you would expect, this particular craze grabbed my attention. As I researched it further I came across some who were making a stand to turn a negative into a positive. This video shows one should person.

People like this are doing their bit via twitter #changeonething #onlygoodthings to turn a bad thing into something good.

Well this got me thinking! What about starting a ‘Bonsai NekNomination’? I’ll start…

Our club got a new member at the weekend. Drew is 16 years old and just starting bonsai. When many teenagers are more interested on xbox or alcohol, here is a young man who is doing something much more positive in his life.

To encourage him I gave him a Taxus Baccatta, Yew, as his first tree. This was repotted and pruned at our club workshop on Sunday where Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai gave him a pot for the tree. This was my ‘Bonsai NekNomination’. This is Drew’s day in pictures.







Well done Drew, not easy to be thrown in at the deep end with a bunch of strangers, but you took it in your stride. Lets keep it going 🙂

 So this is my challenge to you blog readers. Whether you are into bonsai, photography or whatever other reason you visited this page. I ‘Bonsai Nek Nominate’ you to #change one thing. Think about what you could do to encourage someone to take the first step in your field, club, hobby, whatever it may be. Of course I’d love to hear about any Bonsai related ones here and I’d I’d be happy to blog it.  Over to you……

4 comments on “Bonsai NekNomination ?!

    • Good man Owen, I bet there’s a heap of bonsai folk reading this who do similar, we are a kind hearted bunch when it comes to encouraging the young into this great Art. Thanks for commenting buddy.


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