Japanese Black Pine

This Japanese Black Pine given to me by a friend has always been a bit of an experiment to see how far I can get it to back bud on leggy branches. This year I have decided to actually place a few branches to start building a structure. A long way to go, but fun to be had in the process.

This is it before and after wiring. A few branches removed.



3 comments on “Japanese Black Pine

  1. A Japanese red pine I tried to bend in early summer broke almost in half. It was Pressed back together, wrapped it tight with twine, covered it with Sphagnum moss, wire and aluminum. I looked at it after seeing your post and have never seen so many back buds on one branch. I don’t intend to unwrap it until spring so I hope their are no roots under the moss


    • Hi Paul, don’t think you’ll have much to worry about with it rooting. When you see what can be done with pine, wedges cut out and so forth, I think you should be ok with your one. As long as you have a reasonable amount of connected cambium layer.


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