Field Maple Rethink

I was taking another 1to1 session last week and the client brought along this ‘Mother and Child’ Field Maple. A large tree that has been neglected for a number of years after the original owner died. The new owner wanted some direction with the tree and we set about removing what was over grown aiming to leave what would make the basis of a good structure of the new

We opted to change the front slightly to bring the child trunk slightly further forward. The original front had both parallel to each other.




This it it after removal of over extended and straight branches.



A few issues remain but these can be sorted next year when we see how the tree responds to this cut back and a major repot to get it out of the peat that it’s in now.


2 comments on “Field Maple Rethink

  1. Morning Ian,
    Do you think the 4 branches all trying to be the apex are starting to bulge the trunk on the main tree as they are all coming from the same place ? I think if 3 came off and the last one was reduced quite drastically all the new growth will be where it’s needed most. the change of viewing angle is really good.



    • Hi Marcus, It’s one of those trees that if you started taking away all the bad points you’d be left with nothing but a very long term project. We talked through a lot of options and the major reduction of the apex is one of them. Work completed was to the owners liking and a seed planted about future options. I want him to make some of these decisions himself as part of the learning experience. To easy to just stand back and let others do the decision making. The only person who learns then in me 🙂 Thanks for the input as usual.


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