One to One – Field Maple

I had a one to one session on Tuesday night and was rather taken with this Field Maple, Acer Campestre, that was one of 4 trees worked on in the session. The tree had been purchased from Kaizen Bonsai a few years back and some of Mr Potters carving was clearly evident. I think this species in under used here in the UK. Yes, I know it a little coarse in the branch structure, but the species bring so much more to the table in the way of character.DSC_0331


We were limited to what we could do with the tree in leaf but were able to make a few decisions and remove a few unwanted branches. A partial defoliation was done, a bit early but not an issue with this species. A new front was found and a slight change in potting angle for next Spring. The tree will get a full wiring in the Autumn and will be a very nice rugged image in the years to come.


Field Maple Repot

I repotted this one with a friend during a one to one session last week.



It had been in this pot for a long time and had been potted in peat by the previous owner. When we got it out of the pot the smell was grim, a stale rotting smell. The pot was also holding a lot of water. There had been no mesh over the drainage holes and we found holes leading up into the root mass and a few slugs gorging themselves.




This is it much later and into a smaller pot.


Field Maple Rethink

I was taking another 1to1 session last week and the client brought along this ‘Mother and Child’ Field Maple. A large tree that has been neglected for a number of years after the original owner died. The new owner wanted some direction with the tree and we set about removing what was over grown aiming to leave what would make the basis of a good structure of the new

We opted to change the front slightly to bring the child trunk slightly further forward. The original front had both parallel to each other.




This it it after removal of over extended and straight branches.



A few issues remain but these can be sorted next year when we see how the tree responds to this cut back and a major repot to get it out of the peat that it’s in now.


Field Maple

This is one of the trees I have on the For Sale List this year. It’s a Acer Campestre or Field Maple. It was repotted this year after it’s first wiring. I had been doing a lot of clip and grow for a few years to prepare it for wiring. It has just come out in leaf and I thought I’d share.

With my hand for scale. A chunky tree 🙂